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Traffic and Safety

Safety FirstThe safety of our children is one of our greatest priorities. Making sure our children arrive and leave school safely is of the utmost importance. Please use use your best judgement and absolute diligence when driving and walking through our surrounding intersections.

Our city does not permit the use of  parent volunteers as crossing guards, but we do provide convenient valet drop-off outside the main entrance on Granville Avenue, and the back entrance on Stoner Avenue.

Please use the valet service courteously. Please pull up to the furthest point in the valet line. Please have your child ready to exit the car with their school bag, so that volunteers can quickly assist them exiting your vehicle. Please be prepared to enter and exit the line quickly and safely.

We are still in need of more valet volunteers. Please sign up for a shift, or contact Amy McCarty ( or Lisa Keston ( if you would like to help out. 

If we do not have a consistent roster of volunteers, we will have to remove the service.

Thank you and please stay safe!