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Science, Theater, Arts & Recreation (STAR), is a non-profit education organization serving kids, families, schools, and communities.  

STAR was created by experts to make public schools a one stop AFTER SCHOOL support and care for students.  The STAR programs and classes are designed to encourage kids to explore, grow, encounter the world, expand their cultural base, and create amazing enrichment opportunities for children.  

Their nationally recognized enrichment program runs daily on school days from dismissal to 6:00pm.  Each day your child can take advantage of a success driven package that consists of:

-new study skills plus homework club

-award winning enrichment classes like theater, art, science, technology, and more

-fitness and sports programs

-membership to the STAR ECO Station

Katya Bozzi, Executive Director of STAR Education
Nelly Marquez, Mar Vista STAR Director

Phone:  310-391-8634, 424-409-1396

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