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Children build and creatively personalize their own robotic machines and structures from a collection of thousands of Technic and other LEGO® parts. And then the real fun begins! Projects may include motorized
walking robot, cable car, motor boat, gear car, spider bot, catapults and castles, claws and grabbers, battle trains and more!

Robotics promotes problem-solving skills, creativity, basic math concepts, self-reliance and self-
confidence, all while children have enormous fun!


Registration now OPEN for 2nd-5th grade students: 3:30pm-4:30pm - Space available. Sign up!


Registration now CLOSED for TK/K/grade 1: 1:45pm-2:45pm - Waitlist only as of Nov. 15, 2019


TUITION: $184 (8 x $23)

LOCATION: Room 1 *NEW location starting Winter 2019


INSTRUCTOR: (Lego) Marty Felgen

For sign up information, please e-mail

To register, visit the Playsmart PayPal page ( ) to pay, and be certain to include the following in the notes:

  1. Your child’s first and last name
  2. Your child’s grade level
  3. Your child’s room number
  4. Parent/guardian's e-mail address (through which I can contact you)
  5. An emergency phone number
  6. Anything important I should know about your child, e.g., allergies