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Non-Resident Permit Information

Permits are offered to students who would like to attend Mar Vista, but do not reside within our school boundaries.  Acceptance on a permit is based on (1) space availability and (2) meeting eligibility criteria.  Falsification of information will result in the applicant’s immediate removal from the school site.



The CC permit is for TK-5th grade students who need childcare and have a childcare provider or program residing within Mar Vista school boundaries (e.g., Mar Vista STAR Childcare Program). 

  • Both parents must be working or in school full time to be eligible.

  • The CC Permit Lottery Form is available in February on this webpage.

  • The CC Permit Lottery Form is due by April 18 to be in the lottery for the waitlist.  The lottery is held on April 19 at 9:00am.  For applications received after the lottery, names will be added to the end of the waitlist as received by the school.

  •  As space permits, families will be called from the waitlist starting in May and continuing into August. 

  • Upon acceptance to the school, the CC application and supporting documents must be submitted to the school before enrollment.


The SAS permit is intended for K-5th grade students who are identified gifted by LAUSD or demonstrate the ability to work above grade level, think critically, and problem solve.  Applicants must meet the eligibility criteria set by the District.  

To apply for an SAS permit, go to LAUSD Unified Enrollment


    • On-time application window is Oct. 1 - Nov. 12, 2021.  

    • Verification of eligibility must be submitted on time.

    • Acceptance and waitlists are generated by a computerized lottery system. 

    • Acceptance priority is given to sibling applicants of students attending the school of choice. 


    • Late application window opens Feb. 1,  2022.  

    • Students are added to the late waitlist as received via Unified Enrollment.

    • Eligibility verification will be completed by the school of acceptance, if and when the student is accepted to the school.  

    • Sibling priority is not given for late applicants.  

  • Schools are not permitted to give out waitlist numbers to parents.

  • As space permits, families will be called from the waitlist starting in May and continuing into August. 

  • For more information and resources, go to the LAUSD GATE/SAS website


  • Students entering TK must turn 5 years old between Sep. 2 - Feb. 2 (eligibility age was extended from Dec. 2 for the 2022-23). 

  • TK age is determined by the State of California; there are no exceptions to the age requirement.

  • The TK Permit Interest Form for Mar Vista school is available in February on this webpage.  

  • Permit acceptance to the TK is for one year. 

  • As space permits, families will be called from the waitlist starting in May and continuing into August. 


  • For current students of Mar Vista who have an incoming sibling, please complete the Non-Resident Sibling Interest Form, available in February, and submit it to our school office.

  • The Non-Resident Sibling Interest Form should be returned to school no later than April 8th.  

  • For an SAS permit, siblings must apply on-time via LAUSD Unified Enrollment and meet the eligibility criteria.  The District will only provide sibling priority for on-time applicants.  

  • Families will be contacted for possible enrollment of siblings in May-June.