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Sign-up and Volunteer for the Valet Program
Posted 9/17/19


Mar Vista School Families!


We hope you are all having a great start to your school year.  We wanted to take a moment to plug MAR VISTA’S VOLUNTEER VALET.  


This program is fully run by volunteers, and benefits ALL of Mar Vista’s families by opening up parking spots and keeping drop-offs safe.  (Plus, it’s a quick and easy commitment.  Show up by 7:40 am for set-up, and you’re out when the bell rings at 8:10 am!) 


Each month, a different grade level is assigned valet duty.  (SEPT: 5th Grade, OCT: 4th Grade, NOV: 3rd Grade, DEC: 2nd Grade, JAN: 1st & K, FEB: 5th Grade, MAR: 4th Grade, APR: 3rd Grade, MAY:  2nd Grade, JUNE: 1st & Kinder)


That said, spaces don’t always get filled so if greeting kids with a big smile every day is your thing, we encourage you to sign up at ANY point throughout the year!


Here’s how it works:



1) Enter Mar Vista Elementary’s Valet Site here:


2) Click VIEW, and sign up for 2 dates the month your grade level is assigned.  Or - ANY time you are able!



- The morning you volunteer, head to the community room (located directly across from the auditorium, next to the Lost & Found) to collect your cart.  There should be two - one for the Stoner side, one for the Granville side. 


- Look for a laminated sheet detailing where to place cones & signs.  Remember to wear the orange safety vest!


- Along with your fellow volunteer, your valet duties will look like this:

1) Direct cars to pull forward to front of valet line to prevent backups.  

2) Open doors for students, keeping aware that many vans have automatic doors.  

3) Assist with backpacks, and close door after student exits the car.  

4) When you can, assist cars in exiting the valet line, watching for oncoming traffic.  (Drivers often forget to check when pulling out, and vice-versa.)

5) Return cart to community room, and have a great day!


This is a really fun and easy way to get involved with volunteering for our school at large.  


We’ll send out e-mails at the top of each month to encourage grade level signups, but PLEASE jump in whenever you can!!


Any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to Amy or Lisa below.  We’re here to help.  




Amy McCarty and Lisa Keston

Valet Co-Chairs / 323.388.6606