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Please contact Jaime Roll at if you would like to get involved with the Green Dolphins, have questions, or have ideas  to share.

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Zero Trash Tuesdays

Zero Trash Tuesdays start in October!


This year we are going to continue our Zero Trash Tuesdays. We are hoping that on every Tuesday, students will bring lunches that include all reusable items, therefore having nothing to throw in the trash. Our thought is that if, at least one day a week, we can reduce the amount of trash we generate, and we will be making our school more environmentally responsible. Trash-less Tuesday will happen every week. On the first Tuesday of every month, a volunteer will be present at lunch to reward those who are participating. 


Ways to create a "Zero Trash" lunch are:

  1. Use an insulated lunchbox instead of paper or plastic bags.
  2. Try packing a sandwich in a Tupperware, or some other reusable container instead of tin foil or a Ziploc bag.
  3. Pack a reusable water bottle instead of a juice container or disposable plastic bottle.
  4. Put in a cloth napkin and reusable fork/spoon.
  5. Put veggies, fruits, chips, etc. in a reusable snack bag.

Walk to School Wednesdays

Walk to School Wednesdays starting October 1st 


When families decide to lace up their sneakers or strap on their bike helmets to get to school instead of riding in a car, they help reduce the amount of air pollutants emitted by automobiles.

Mar Vista Elementary Green Dolphins along with the assistance of Student Council members would like to encourage families to either walk or bike to school on Wednesdays. Volunteers will be handing out “Walk to School” stickers on Wednesday mornings to those who individuals who walked/biked to school. Help us make a difference!