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Computer Lab

by Laura Pardo

Since 2011, Mar Vista School has utilized the technology curriculum and support by PlanetBravo. For the first five years of the formal program at the school, our students attended weekly technology classes once a week from the comfort of their desks as the PlanetBravo instructor rotated to each classroom with a MacBook cart. Students completed PlanetBravo's standard tech curriculum that focuses on the fundamentals of today's most important and relevant technology use. Not only did the standard curriculum focus on digital citizenship, word processing, proper internet navigation and research, but it also explored multimedia and computer science technologies such as Scratch, podcasting, video editing, graphic design, and much more. 

In 2016, Mar Vista built a state-of-the-art computer lab, and PlanetBravo began facilitating their advanced curriculum with Grades 2-5.  Our TK, K, and 1st grade continue work on the fundamental curriculum. 

In this new format of technology class, students attend the lab for consecutive days in rotations so they can focus on, and complete, higher level projects such as coding languages, engineering, robotics, 3D modeling and animation, and web design, to name a few.

To follow the curriculum week by week, visit PlanetBravo's lesson page here: