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Staff Roster

Click here to view a complete list of the 2019-2020 Staff Roster

Contact Katherine Choe  Katherine Choe (310) 391-1175 Principal
Contact Jennifer Sakai  Jennifer Sakai Instructional Coach
Contact Ronda Spotville  Ronda Spotville APEIS
Contact Elise Ungerleider  Elise Ungerleider Coordinator

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Transitional Kindergarten
Contact Poppy Gee  Poppy Gee Room 4
Second Grade
Contact Brooke Bartelt  Brooke Bartelt Room 27
Contact Jenny Mak  Jenny Mak Room 28
Contact Yvonne Stewart  Yvonne Stewart Room 9
Fourth Grade
Contact Marne Treves  Marne Treves Room 19
Fifth Grade
Contact Kimberly Bevan  Kimberly Bevan Room 20
Contact Danielle Page  Danielle Page Room 22
Special Education
Contact Danielle Baltazar  Danielle Baltazar Room 35
Contact Jolie Lindner  Jolie Lindner Room 12
Contact Robin Palman  Robin Palman Room 33
Contact Jeri Rees  Jeri Rees Room 1
Contact Esther Ta  Esther Ta Room 12